Plans and Add-ons

  • How do I know if Dang Video is right for me?

    Can you reasonably explain or show what you want? If you can explain what you want in the beginning, middle and end, we might be a perfect fit for you. If you feel like you need a phone call, meeting, advice or guidance on what to create for your business – Dang Video may not […]

  • What is thumbnail and graphic overlay add-on?

    If you’re posting your videos on social media, you will most likely need a thumbnail (especially for YouTubers). With that, we offer the thumbnail add-on for US $99/mo. For every video you ask us to edit, we can make a thumbnail that goes along with it. Like with our videos, you can request multiple revisions […]

  • What is the subtitle add-on?

    If your videos need subtitles, we offer 60 minutes’ worth of subtitling as an add-on, for only US$ 89/mo. The 60 minutes is credit-based. For example, if you want a 3-minute video to be subtitled, we will subtract those minutes to your total of 60 minutes, so you will have 57 minutes left for the […]

  • What does the one One-Time video include?

    The one-time video project includes a video (up to 10-minutes), includes 3 revisions and edits. It also includes royalty-free stock video, and licensed music and sound effects. Most projects will take 2-5 days for the first draft.

  • What are add-ons?

    Add-ons are boosters for your account. We have five (5): The Dang Power-up (2x a time), the subtitle add-on, the thumbnail add-on, the 60-minute limit add-on, And preferred upload These add-ons are designed to enhance your videos and your experience with us at Dang Unlimited Video. If you feel like you don’t need any of […]

  • I want to include some add-ons to my account. How can I do that?

    It’s great to hear you want to add some add-ons to your account! To include add-ons to your account, simply go to the “Get Started Page” and choose the add-ons that you’ll need for your account.